An estimated 240 million calls are made to 911 in the United States each year, and America’s cities shoulder the majority of that burden. Telemedicine allows paramedics to decrease unnecessary ambulance trips, alleviate wait times and dedicate their time to patients in greater need. Download this guide to learn more about how EMS providers are using telemedicine as an added tool.
Patients, EMS Providers, Rural Communities, Urban Communities, Hospitals & Health Systems – All Benefit from EMS Telemedicine
You’ll Learn:
  • About the history of EMS and where telemedicine joins in

  • How patients are benefiting with their local EMS provider can treat on-site with telemedicine

  • Why it’s equally as important for EMT teams to be able to do more than transport for non-emergencies

  • Ways in which both rural and urban communities are benefiting from community paramedicine programs

  • The reason hospitals and health systems should be equally as involved in impelenting a telemedicine strategy
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